CLICK HERE American comic Lewis Schaffer won the 2009 Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Stunt Award for persuading press he was going to sponsor the Edinburgh Comedy Awards. In 2010 he was presented with the Award and Kate Copstick interviewed him for STV..

CLICK HERE Robert White wins the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic
Originality at the Edinburgh Fringe... introduced by Simon Munnery.

CLICK HERE Robert White interviewed after the presentation by Kate Copstick for Scottish Television.

CLICK HERE Robert White showreel, including clips from his award-winning 2010 Edinburgh Fringe show.

CLICK HERE Bo Burnham is presented with the 'Act Most Likely to Make a Million Quid' award, then interviewed by Kate Copstick for Scottish Television.

CLICK HERE Stewart Lee explains why he won the Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award for his attack on the Foster's (formerly Perrier) Comedy Awards in Edinburgh - interviewed by Kate Copstick for Scottish Television.

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THE TUNNEL. Trailer for the documentary on Malcolm's notorious South London club.
(1 min 39 secs)

MALCOLM HARDEE 1950-2005. This video also features The Greatest Show on Legs, Martin Soan, Sir Ralph, Karen Koren, Vic Reeves, Arthur Smith, Norman Milligan, Ned Sherrin, Liz Kershaw, Jools Holland, Keith Allen, Jane Hardee, John Hegley, Chris Lynam, Harry Enfield, Joan Hardee, Frank Hardee, the naked balloon dance, the banger up the bum routine and random nudity.
(9 mins 15 secs)

MALCOLM THE DRINKER. This video also features Jo Brand, Mark Lamarr, Arthur Smith, John Thomson, The Greatest Show on Legs performing the nude/naked balloon dance, plus Addison Cresswell, Jane Hardee and Karen Koren. The clip is taken from the 1998 Channel 4 documentary This Bloke Walks Into A Bar.
(5 mins 18 secs)

"JO BRAND: LIKE IT OR LUMP IT" - excerpts from the 1997 Channel 4 series with Malcolm, Jo Brand, Ricky Grover, Mandy Knight and John Sparkes.
(3 mins 50 secs)

"DINERS" with Malcolm and Steve Bowditch. Excerpts from the BBC Choice series "Diners" (2002), in which cameras overhear various conversations in a specially-arranged London restaurant. Guests on this episode also included Boy George.
(5 mins 41 secs)

Jo Brand tells a story about Malcolm.
(55 seconds)

Malcolm introduces his sister Clare Hardee singing "Cabaret".
(5 mins 4 secs)

Clips from the Hackney Empire show in 2007

The Can't Can't Girls

(3 mins 29 secs)

Doktor CocaColaMacDonalds

(2 mins 10 secs)

Richard Herring

(1 mins 46 secs)

The Iceman

(2 mins 06 secs)

Otto Kuhnle

(2 mins 48 secs)

Simon Munnery

(1 mins 58 secs)

Martin Soan

(2 mins 31 secs)


More to come...

1990 Tributes

Keith Allen pays tribute to Malcolm in 1990.
(1 min 54 secs)

BBC children's TV presenter Ricky Diamond (Playbus/Playdays) pays tribute to Malcolm in 1990.
(1 min 47 secs)

Harry Enfield, in character, pays tribute to Malcolm in 1990.
(1 min 54 secs)

John Hegley pays tribute to Malcolm in 1990.
(21 secs)

Late ventriloquist Terri Rogers' tribute to Malcolm, recorded in 1990.
(1 min 46 secs)

See who did not know Malcolm in 1990.
(1 min 20 secs)

For people who knew Malcolm...


On Monday 7th June 2004, comedian Nick Wilty was in Lubijana, Slovenia. Malcolm Hardee was definitely in London that day. Yet Nick saw someone who looked like Malcolm. The man spoke in Slovenian. Click on the photo to see what Nick saw. You will need the appalling Windows Media Player.

photo by David Tuck