at The Hackney Empire, 5th February 2006

On sale now, 131 colour photos of the show available as 6 x 9 inch prints. The cost is £4 each plus a flat £1 p+p for any number of prints. Profits will be split equally between Malcolm's children (or at least, at the moment, his still not fully-paid creditors!) and Warren King who took the photos and whose copyright they remain.

There are nine pages of photos. Just quote the reference number below each photo and send an e-mail to john@malcolmhardee.co.uk who will tell you where to send the cheque (UK cheques only) and he will arrange everything out of the goodness of his heart although he gets zilch out of it.


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1 Charlie Chuck, Phil Zimmerman, Andrew J Lederer, Arthur Smith, Frank & Poppy Hardee, Henning Wehn
2 Henning Wehn, Jim Tavare, The Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper
3 The Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper, Ricky Grover, Jools Holland, Mark Flanagan, Charlie Chuck, Arthur Smith, Deke, Brian Damage & Krysstal
4 Brian Damage & Krysstal, Johnny Sorrow, Jimmy Carr, Stewart Lee, John Hegley & The Popticians featuring Andrew Bailey
5 John Hegley & The Popticians featuring Andrew Bailey, Jeremy Hardy, Hattie Hayridge, Simon Day as Tommy Cockles
6 Frank Sanazi, Boothby Graffoe, Antonio Forcione, Glenn Tilbrook
7 Glenn Tilbrook, Clare Hardee's Can-Can Girls, Janey Godley
8 Janey Godley, Johnny Vegas, The Greatest Show on Legs (Martin Soan, Steve Bowditch, Sir Ralph)
9 Martin Soan, Boothby Graffoe, Allesandro